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Listos California     "Are you ready for a disaster?"

In this summer of excessive heat, heightened wildfire threat and rapidly flowing rivers, community organizations backed by the Listos California program of the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services are reaching out to help everyone in the state be more prepared.

Bishop John Smith Jr. of Lily of the Valley Church in Leemore says that having lived through recent flooding, he understands the need to be ready to go "when the rubber hits the road."  He says Listos California support and materials in English and in Spanish are helping them connect.  

George Hernandez Mejia of CORE - the Community Organized Relief Effort - outlines how his organization brings safety and peace of mind with "structure protection," helping to create fire-safe defensible spaces around homes before and even when people have to evacuate.

And Indira Lopez-Jones of UpValley Family Centers recalls that she was totally unprepared when she had to evacuate her home in the Tubbs Fire. And she says that feeling motivates her to connect now with hard-to-reach communities to help them be more ready for whatever comes next.

Learn more about these and other Listos California partners and programs at ListosCalifornia.org. 

Prepare. Respond. Recover. Together

The Lily of the Valley Church Community Preparedness Team(LOVCPT) is dedicated to ensuring our community is prepared during any major disaster.  Our team is here to teach you and those around you about the 5 steps it takes to be prepared.  Contact us today!

The  LOVCPT  Project is funded by the California Office of Emergency Services, through the Listos California Program.  Listos California wants everyone to get ready and stay safe from wildfire, earthquakes, and floods.  Their goal is to help all Californians establish resiliency to prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural disasters.  For more information please on how you can prepare, please visit www.listoscalifornia.org/resources/

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